All In 1 Sprite Shader – Creating an amazing burn animation

Using All In 1 Sprite Shader is extremely easy and most importantly: FAST.

In this post I’m going to show you how in 3 easy steps we can achieve an amazing Burn animation.

If you prefer there is a video explaining the process here.

1- The first step is to add the AddAllIn1Shader component to our sprite.


2- This component will do all the setup for us and now we just need to activate the effects that we need for our animation. These effects will be the Fade and Hit Effect effects. We can find these on the material inspector:

Once the effects are enabled we can choose the values we like. These are the values I chose:



3- Finally we’ll animate these effects, to do so we can use the Animator window and use it just like we would use it to animate any other Unity property.

We’ll first animate the Hit Effect Blend of the Hit Effect to simulate that the sprite catches fire and then we’ll animate the Fade Amount of the Fade effect to make it burn until it disappears.

This is the final result:

And the best of all is that this whole process just took 2 minutes!!!

All In 1 Sprite Shader Presentation

All In 1 Sprite shader is an amazing all in one solution for your 2D game graphic needs.


With this asset you’ll be able to choose, personalize and mix from 35+ different effects used in many games.

The best part is that using the asset is extremely easy and fast. Learn the basics in a couple minutes and start creating great looking effects in no time!

You can already check out a browser WebGL playable version of the demo that will be available on the asset right now: Link

The asset is going through Unity’s verification process and will be soon available on the Asset Store!